Load Shedding Nightmare

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Load Shedding Nightmare

14th Jun 2021

I must have been between the ages of 8 and 10 when I watched an episode of Twilight zone, the episode I watched was the one where the guy sits at the window seat of an aeroplane and watches some monster outside destroying the wing of the plane. I hardly slept that night, and two years later when I flew from Johannesburg to London, I kept opening the blind just to check that some monster or alien was not destroying the plane.

I’ve grown up now, but I’m still kept awake at night by bigger nightmares. At the moment the nightmare is Eskom and the problems brought on by load shedding. Telemedia runs a large number of national circuits throughout South Africa and during times of load shedding the number of outages we experience is off the charts! Most of the outages are due to the client or end point losing power, but a large number are unknown, but mysteriously fail and restore at load shedding change over times without the end points ever losing power. I can only imagine that data centres, cell towers and switching centres in the middle of large telco’s networks are losing power. I think all telcos struggle with load shedding, while their customers take it for granted that a managed fibre network provider should be able to power their entire national network better than Eskom can. And this brings me back to the monster that destroys aeroplanes in mid-flight.

Our Vsat and Satellite links are very stable and largely unaffected by load shedding! We only need to be concerned about power at the end points, the middle of the network is 36 000km away and my only fear there, is a monster on the solar panels destroying them, fortunately I got over this fear years ago!

Steve Bretherick – CEO

Telemedia (Pty) Ltd