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Broadcasting & Teleport Services

We have a fully equipped Teleport in Rivonia with registered uplink and downlink services for major satellite operators. Our MCR sports the latest monitoring and routing equipment that is capable of managing various video feeds for our clients. Our dish farm contains fixed and steerable dishes which includes 42 C-¬Band and Ku-¬Band up to 9.3 Metres in diameter. In addition, we manage our own Fibre Optic network in the Johannesburg area, this network can deliver IP data; encoded ASI and uncompressed HD video signals.
The above mentioned offers you:
- Connectivity and broadcasting solutions throughout the world
- Connectivity to all major broadcasters and production houses
- FTP Solutions
- Web Streaming Solutions


Equipment hire & Sales

We sell or hire broadcasting solutions and equipment and are strategically placed with various dealerships. From playout servers, Media asset management, audio consoles, graphic systems, Cameras, Black box sales... the list is endless. If its broadcasting and production related we will always be able to provide trusted solutions that work.


Studios, playout facilities & data centres

We have several Studios and Playout Centres on our campus and two Data Centres strategically located in Rivonia and Randburg. These facilities can be customised to suit your equipment needs. We maintain the equipment and support is always on site. Additional administration offices and parking are available with the facilities. These facilities have the advantage of having easy access to transmission or connectivity facilities offered through our Teleport by fibre to local broadcasters and satellite to the rest of the world.


SNG & Microwave Link

We service all industries with our fleet of SNG vehicles and fly away systems, ranging from point to point sport events, to multipoint business and news broadcasts. All our engineers are competent with all the vehicles and a range of Satellites from Ku to C-Band. Our comprehensive fleet ranges from 1m motor mount to a 2.4m Flyaway system. All systems are built by and managed by us to ensure continuous service whenever needed.


Special Projects

Specialising in complete Radio and Television Broadcasting projects that are undertaken throughout Southern Africa. We offer a unique combination of engineering expertise and commercial capability, which enables us to access products from manufacturers all over the world and to locally engineer these into successful economic turnkey packages. We have an enviable reputation amongst the Broadcasters throughout Southern Africa for very fast and efficient services as well as the ability to deliver on a very short time scale highly professional installations.
Various projects include:
- Radio and Television Outside Broadcast Vehicle builds
- Studio Installations
- Terrestrial transmitter networks
- Complete Satellite DTH Systems

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