Company Profile

Telemedia was founded in 1981 with a focus on the supply, installation and service support for radio and television broadcasting equipment. Since then Telemedia has evolved into a broad-­based media broadcast facility providing a sophisticated and versatile product range. Our strategy to invest in infrastructure ensures that we have acquired state-­of-­the-­art equipment in Satellite transmission, radio and television signal distribution,microwave and SNG services, studio production services tomention a few of our areas of expertise. We have also established a fully resourced workshop to attend to repairs and maintenance of satellite and broadcast equipment. We have initiated strategic ties with leading communications equipment suppliers who supply us with quality brands for our retail arm. In terms of expertise, our team of engineers has both the requisite qualifications and years of relevant experience. Our market expansion strategy has seen us grow and sustain our market share in Southern Africa and we continue to penetrate the global market from a position of strength and capability.

Telemedia is divided into 7 areas of business:
• Broadcast Fibre Network
• Legal
• Projects
• Sales
• SNG and Microwave Services
• Teleport Facilities
• Transmission Services
This allows us to provide solutions for all areas within the broadcast industry.

Management Philosophy

Action-driven ‐ Telemedia has become a preferred service in the Broadcast Industry due to our “do it now” philosophy and always go the extra mile attitude. We cultivate the energy and attitude to perform, and our self‐managed teams always set ambitious targets for themselves.

Entrepreneurial flair – our creative abilities have taken Telemedia from small beginnings to a market leader. Our working philosophy is one of independent thinking and solution finding.

Customer orientation – we proudly associate ourselves with our customers and we always strive to exceed their expectations.

Versatile, lean, small organisation – we have deliberately kept our organisation compact, choosing rather to work with versatile, goal-­oriented teams, creating efficiencies and quick decision making.

Doing what we know best – we are predominantly a media broadcasting company: some will make it in this industry, but we make the industry. We are indeed pacesetters. We are pioneers!

Skills retention – our skills, knowledge and abilities will make the critical difference between our success and failure. To that end our investment in our human capital remains central to our growth and success. Most of our engineers have over 20 years of industry experience which enables the training of our younger engineers both formally and by experienced example.

Investment in Infrastructure

Our capacity to provide a seamless service to our clients can only be guaranteed through our acquisition of equipment, assets, and expertise. We are always in touch with new developments in technology and we always embrace that which will put us in a competitive advantage. Our shrewd financial management and corporate governance ensure that we have the financial muscle to make adequate capital investments. Our objective is to give our clients a choice, focused on quality and defined standards. Especially when we are aware that our clients set quality standards and some compete on the global stage. In this regard, the only boundary that we view is the one set by the client.


Contact us:

17 9th Avenue
Corner Wessels Rd and 9th Avenue
Rivonia, Gauteng, South Africa, 2128

GPS Co-ordinates: S26 °06' 25''; E28 °03' 44''

Tel: + 27 11 803 3353
Fax: + 27 11 803 2534